tsubo point thumb pressure massage

The massage work I offer is influenced by many years at the exquisite Esalen Institute sequestered deep in the south coast of Big Sur – long, slow, steady, integrating strokes, deepening as the body begins to relax, trust and let go.

A foundation in Zen Shiatsu affords more dynamic technique and meridian work to tone and release blockages as appropriate during a session, and a background in body-mind-centering, amongst other progressive therapies, adds subtle layers of complexity as unwinding and relaxation occur.

Relying on intuition to inform and guide during the silent, or inquiring dialogue between practitioner and client, a session becomes a form of poetic dance, creating space in the body for increased ease, openness, and expansive awareness.

I use coconut oil (organic, cold pressed) for this work, which absorbs easily and is a nourishing and hydrating food for the skin.