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Reiki begins and ends in the sanctuary of the heart.  Reiki is sacred and the work itself is holy.  The energy that is Reiki comes from Divine Intelligence, and works on the highest level to affect change in all areas:  mental, emotional, physical, spiritual; subconscious, conscious, supra-conscious; past, present and future.  It is pure Light and not attached to ego.  Those who offer Reiki to others act merely as a channel for this gift of grace.  It flows like water, through the cracks and crevices of our personas washing away dis-ease, re-establishing balance, making way for the Light to come in more fully.

It is a gentle therapy; deep relaxation and peace are the bi-products of a Reiki treatment.  The body has an innate ability and desire to heal itself, and Reiki helps in this process by helping the body to relax more fully, as relaxation is the beginning of healing.  However, this therapy is not a substitute for medical care, nor does it interfere with any care you might be receiving from your healthcare provider.  It does, however, ease tension and anxiety and has been shown to be effective in helping wounds heal faster.  This therapy is now used in hospitals and medical facilities world wide, to help pre and post surgery patients in their recovery process.  It has also been used for those suffering with cancer, and for hospice patients, bringing comfort and peace.

I also offer Reiki classes in Levels I, II, III and Master classes.